Owner is very cool,he's literally the type of person that will go out of his way to get you what you need, i asked for a specific fish and he said to me if he didnt have it he can order it for me,they got some fresh water fish that I couldn't find anywhere else (green spottedpuffer fish)
Gebrosky Aquatics
Awesome shop right down the street from the house can't beat it! Chris is awesome and will definitely go far and beyond with any questions you have for him! The fish look amazing and definitely unique gets some I can't find no where else local! Always something new every week! Live stock and equipment! Thanks fishworld and the owner chris for giving me an amazing experience!
Crystal Lopez Reyes
The shop owner was amazing and very helpful with all my questions about my tanks. I went in specifically to see guppies and out of all the shops I've been too, this place definitely tops all. He had many types of guppies including my favorite, fancy long tailed guppies. Thank you for all the help. I highly recommend this store! I will be back!
Stopped by a few days ago just to check it out. Owner is very welcoming and friendly, he seems like the type of person that cares more about quality and the well-being of the fish rather than making a quick profit. Inquired about future aquarium maintenance/service. Will definitely stop by again soon. Never a bad thing to have another fish store in town!
Jackie Tapia
Chris the owner is amazing and very knowledgeable! He will answer any questions you have and can help you with anything from starting a tank to revamping your current project. This is my new favorite aquarium store.
Buff Billy Charlotte
Very nice store,and Awesome Fish!
Alex H
Clean facility. Customer service is great! Chris is very knowledgeable and will help you every step of the way. Fish World offers a variety of fish and supplies. Definitely worth a visit and to support small business owners.